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Mountain Lake

Stephen Hansen

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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Counseling Approach

Steve Hansen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with individuals ages 14 to 90

years and older who are experiencing conditions such as depression, anxiety, simple and

complex post-traumatic stress disorder, behavioral issues, personal loss, parenting struggles, and

a wide range of other conditions. His preferred treatment modalities are eye-movement

desensititization and reprocessing (EMDR), ego state therapies such as internal family systems

(IFS) and developmental needs meeting strategy (DNMS), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT),

dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), psychodynamics, family systems, and person-centered

therapy (Rogerian Therapy). Steve takes the perspective that every person has his or her own

strengths and answers, and that the physical and social environments, both past and present, have

a big influence. Counseling is a shared journey of exploration, discovery, work, and resolution

and growth. Steve works in partnership with each person to tailor therapy suitable to that person,

and which draws on her or his strengths.


Phone: (801) 512-6437

EMDR therapist

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