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Stephen Hansen

It is an honor to travel the journey of change with someone as he/she works to make sense of, and reconcile, past events that still impact the present. I came to the field of clinical social work as a second career later in life, wanting at this lifestage to "pay it forward" by assisting others to reach their own personal potential. Personal potential includes reconciling past trauma and improving the quality of our relationships with others, and with ourselves. I'll assist you in gaining insight into why things are as they are for you, and how you can make the changes you want.

As a husband, and as a father of teenagers, I also understand how to communicate with kids, and I work every day to be a better parent. Being a good parent is the toughest job a person will ever have, and often the training we received from our own parents on how to do it is not how we would like to do it. You can become the parent you want to be.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Phone: (801) 512-6437