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Desert Mountains

Whitney McShane

Provisional Professional Counselor

Counseling Approach

I will help you work on what is important to you from a holistic and strengths-based point of view.  We dream of a life that we all deserve and I provide a variety of therapeutic techniques and tools necessary to help you reach that life.  My goal is to help you find your strengths and resiliency, and to achieve a life with contentment.  I tailor services to your needs by applying positive psychological research in practical and fulfilling ways.

I am a Provisional Professional Counselor (PPC) with a specialty in Geriatrics.  I primarily work with Adults and Older Adults. I utilize a Positive Psychology, strengths-based approach to help you move toward your preferred life story.  

I provide a fresh approach to old life problems.  I am open-minded and will create a relaxed environment while developing a unique therapeutic experience for you.

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Phone: (307) 313-2777

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